"I have been counsellor myself for 20 years and the courses of this institute are exactly what I have been always hoping to find. They are the most powerful, most stimulating, most enjoyable and thoroughly healing courses I have ever undertaken in both Australia and overseas."

P.K. Artist and Counsellor

"Stephanie Yatra Hurst is an incredible teacher and dynamic director who treats all students with unconditional positive regard. We feel safe to work through difficult issues under her wisdom and guidance. Whenever she does spiritual healing with us, I feel the immediate presence of the holy light by subtle tingling throughout my body and a gentle flickering of my eyes. I fall into an exquisite deep peace and I often see light around her when she is working with us."

Dr. A.W. General Practitioner and Wholistic Counsellor

"I have felt delighted and passionate about everything we have done in these courses and I have not wanted to miss one session. Each class has brought a surprise and I seem to have more inner peace and more ecstatic energy than ever before."

K.C. Nurse and Health Educator

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