Film Premiere

One Viewing Only !


DIRECTED by:  Stephanie  Yatra  Hurst
PERFORMED by:  The Adult Students of this Institute


At: Venue To Be Announced
Look for:  High Sky Blue Fence and 1870’s Theatre – Temple – Institute
(Nearest Cross – Road:  Wellington Street)


Be here:  At   4pm  SHARP !


to purchase your tickets at the Door :  $30


All proceeds go to the Free Therapy Programmes for Distressed Youth.
Invite any friends you wish to.

 More Information at:


A Theatrical and Insightful PRESENTATION of the Enneagram Characters of: The Individualist, Reformer, Investigator, Enthusiast, Achiever, Peacemaker, Loyalist, Challenger, & Helper  PLUS  a unique VISITATION from Isis : Egyptian Goddess of Love & Transformation,  Maat : Egyptian Goddess Of Wisdom, and Eros : Greek God of Love, Delight & Upliftment ! This Sacred Theatre Performance explores each Psychological Profile of Ancient Enneagram Wisdom and gives the hint that each particular Character Type needs to do to reach  Illumination and then celebrates Transcendental Qualities of the Archetypal Deities.

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