Creativity Psychotherapy

Methods of
Stephanie Yatra Hurst

applied to the Therapy Concepts
of John Bradshaw

  • Study of the inner child
  • Healthy relationships
  • Family dynamics and consequences requiring therapy
  • Problems of the human psyche utilizing Psychodrama, Psychoart, Psychodance, Psychosong, Psychocabaret, Clown Therapy, Jungian Dreamwork, Rebirthing, Meditations and Spiritual Healing.

Suitable for both people seeking personal growth as well as trainee and advanced counsellors.

No Pre-Requisite needed

*May do on request of specific group



Teenage Personal Growth

And Healing Groups

  • Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Communication Skills
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Life Purpose
  • Counselling for any Issue Relevant to the Adolescent
  • Creative Therapies of Drama, Art, Dance, Song, Clown, Laughter, The Hero and the Wise One Within, Wisdom Values found in Story, Film and Mythology, Jungian Dream work and Sandplay
  • Problem Solving
  • Rebirthing
  • Relaxation Therapy and Meditations suitable for this age group.

FEE: $650 per Term.
Donations to Sponsor underprivileged teenagers are gratefully accepted.

*May do on request of specific group


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